Gillette Adjustable Razors by Glenn Conti

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Gillette Adjustable Razors

1977 X-1 First Super Adjustable with

black bottom plate (vertical knurling)

Later Diamond Knurling (1980 - 1988)

February 20, 2017 Vertical $96.00 (302224279669)

Leave it to Gillette to do strange things! Here is an early vertically knurled Super Adjustable with no date code at all.

Black plastic bottom plate.

April 5, 2017 Rare NDC Vertical version $41.99 (282410063434)

January 30, 2017 Diamond $62.89 (381934904573).


February 11, 2017 Vertical $130.00 (112299750175)

Recent Sales:

Diamond Type

1981 B-4 The last Vertical Knurled Super Adjustable. Note the handle knurling.

1988 I-2 The last Gillette double edge adjustable produced - end of an era. Note this razor has a black plastic bottom plate and diamond knurled handle.

September 11, 2017 Vertical $130.00 (182754409634)

1980 A-1 Diamond Knurled Super Adjustable. One of the first. Note the overlapping manufacturing dates; both the earlier vertical and newer diamond knurled handles were produced at the same time.

Earlier Vertical Knurling (1977 - 1981)

The Gillette Super Adjustable also called the "Black Beauty" was Gillette's last adjustable double edge blade razor - the end of an era. The date code on these razors are not stamped on the plastic bottom plate. The date code is stamped into the metal base plate/blade bed and it is exposed by using the twist-to-open knob and looking past the doors to where the blade sits. There were two versions of this razor - an earlier one with vertical knurling (just like the Super-109) and a later one with a diamond pattern knurling on the handle. The earlier vertical knurling version was available from 1977 (X-1) to 1981 (B-4). The later diamond knurling was available from 1980 (A-1) to 1988. (I-2). So both types of knurling were made concurrently and simultaneously during the 1980 and 1981 time frame. The version of this razor (black bottom plate) is easily found as an X-1 (1st quarter 1977) but no razors from the previous quarter (W-4 fourth quarter 1976) at all have been found. In fact, Achim - "Mr Razor" believes that there is no W-4 Gillette Super Adjustable of any type to be found - neither metal nor plastic base plates. It could be that production of the Super Adjustable was shut down for a full quarter at the end of 1976 during the shift from nickel plated metal base plates to black plastic bottom plates.

Super Adjustable (Black Bottom Plate)