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Bottom Dial Toggle Executive... NOT For Sale

If you would like to list your razor here for sale, please contact Glenn at the CONTACT US link. Rates are as follows:

Razor Selling Price
Listing Cost Per Day
$200 or less
$500 or less
$2500 or less
$10000 or less


There is a 10 day minimum to run an advertisement. Classified advertisement can be 200 words or less and have two pictures. Your listing should include photo(s), text and your contact information.Your contact info will be listed here and all communication is between you and the potential buyer (we do not mix in and simply connect you to a buyer.) There is no guarantee that your razor will sell only that it will be listed here. Payment to us via PayPal.

For your amusement, here is a picture of a mythical beast... the Bottom Dial Toggle Executive Razor. This razor comes from the imagination of Jim "Jayaruh" Roe a member of The Shave Den shaving forum via the wonders of MS Paint (a "photo editing" program). No, this razor does not really exist. I hate to break it to everyone. But, I am definitely interested in any information on strange or bizarre Gillette Adjustable razors that DO really exist! Make sure to use the Contact Us form if you find anything of interest that we can share on this site. Thanks... 


Gillette Adjustable Razors by Glenn Conti

WANTED! Gillette British Aristocrat #20 (Rhodium)

Standard Toggle D-1 (1-9) for Sale (Item #00001)

If you have a Gillette Aristocrat #20 and want to part with it, please send photos, describe its condition and state the price you are requesting. Thank you. Contact


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Mythical Razor by Jayaruh