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This a rare nickel plated Gillette Toggle lever based adjustable razor. It was only manufactured fourth quater of 1960 (F-4). This type razor is not really chrome but is called that to distinguish it from the D-1/F-4 Standard Toggle which is gold plated. The adjustment dial is very reminiscent of the adjuster on the F-4 Bottom Dial Adjustable Gillette safety razor. The warranty card is serialized. The original set calls for a 20 pack of Blue Blades sealed in cellophane. However, there are a few examples of NOS sets that are kitted with a 10 pack of Super Blue Blades cellophane wrapped with the "Easy Does It" instruction sheet. The shipper for all the sets calls for a 20 pack of Blue Blades. That is, when they started kitting Super Blue blades with this set they did not update the printing on the shipper. This razor weighs 86 grams.

Chrome Toggle (Nickel)

Gillette Adjustable Razors by Glenn Conti

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Gillette Adjustable Razors

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