Gillette Adjustable Razors by Glenn Conti

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Gillette Adjustable Razors

Comparing Two Different Toggles

Standard Toggle on Right

Here are comparison photos of the Gold "Chrome" type Toggle (Left) and the Standard Toggle (Right). First notice the "toothy grin" of the Standard Toggle (Right) when looking at the head. Next, notice the black position indicator "stop" (Left) versus the "red dot" (Right). The toggle lever on the "Chrome" Toggle on the left is also shorter in length than the Standard Toggle pictured on the right.

July 2, 2013 $1,200

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Standard Toggle on Bottom

This is an extremely rare F-4 "Chrome" Type Toggle razor that was originally plated at the factory in gold. It is the only know example to exist. It is called a "Chrome" type because its construction is identical to that of the more common "Chrome" Type nickel plated Gillette Toggle excepting that this razor is plated in gold (not nickel). This razor should not be confused with the Standard Toggle. The base plate/blade bed and adjustment dial are completely different than the Standard Toggle. This razor weighs 85 grams.

Chrome Toggle (Gold)